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Immigration: Cameron gets his 'ifs and buts' kicked

Tue 3 Mar, AT 09:09
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Despite a chorus of complaints from senior Tories, PM remains 'defiant' about manifesto target

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Boost for Tories: growth goes up, jobless number falls

Wed 18 Feb, AT 11:09
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New figures show economy grew by 2.6% in 2014 – Britain’s best performance since 2007

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10% rise in UK deficit blows hole in Tory election plans

Wed 22 Oct, AT 09:51
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Far from offering tax cuts, George Osborne looks likely to be promising even more austerity

Unemployment figures nearing six-year low

UK unemployment down – but so is the average wage

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Wed 13 Aug, AT 14:10

Economists warn of 'paymageddon' as average wages see 'shock' fall for the first time in five years

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Britain's recovery propped up by consumer spending

Fri 27 Sep, AT 11:59

UK economy grew 0.7% in the second quarter but lack of trade and investment growth cast shadow over data

GDP growth boost: is Britain's economic recovery finally on?

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Fri 23 Aug, AT 14:10

Second quarter growth figure has been revised upwards by ONS - and it looks sustainable

Britain welcomes a tourist every second in June

Fri 16 Aug, AT 13:31

London Games and weak sterling give UK tourism a big boost this summer

UK cannot sustain 'Wongaland' economy, says expert

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Fri 16 Aug, AT 10:16

Summer weather boosted UK retail figures but use of payday loans to fund spending will fuel more debt

Britons happier year on year, say gov't statisticians

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Tue 30 Jul, AT 15:50

British happiness has been quantified by the government - and it seems to be on the rise

Giving kids a royal name may not be crowning achievement

Mon 22 Jul, AT 12:56
Richard Jinman

Thousands of new parents want to bestow a regal name on their offspring, but Kevin might be a safer bet