Office for National Statistics

UK rich-poor gap is 'narrowest for 25 years'

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Thu 11 Jul, AT 12:02

British income gap shrank in 2011-12 but latest Coalition cuts may reverse the trend

UK currency

Banker bonus record boom revelation prompts anger

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Thu 20 Jun, AT 10:14

David Cameron is accused of giving a 'massive tax cut' to City millionaires as banker bonuses leap to record 64%

Shopping; high street; economy; recession

One in five high street shops 'to close by 2018'

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Wed 29 May, AT 09:46

Report predicts retail crisis as stores face onslaught from online shopping

Shopping; high street; economy; recession

Double-dip recession: Was it just a myth?

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Thu 2 May, AT 09:42

Forget a triple-dip - forecasters and ONS now believe 'flat' economy didn't suffer second downturn

Britain to avoid triple-dip recession, say senior Tories

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Mon 22 Apr, AT 10:08

Government figures suggest worst is over for UK economy - but not everyone is so sure

Britain will avoid triple-dip recession, says BCC

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Tue 2 Apr, AT 09:42

Group say we're on the 'torturous' road to recovery while others claim economic 'feel good factor' is back

Shopping; high street; economy; recession

Retail industry urges George Osborne: save the high street

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Thu 21 Feb, AT 11:01

'We're a force for good', British Retail Consortium tells Chancellor ahead of next month's Budget

Kate Middleton royal baby boy

Why are more women waiting until 30 to have a child?

Talking Point
Fri 25 Jan, AT 12:57

The new baby boomers: young mothers eclipsed by thirty-somethings like Kate Middleton

GDP contraction piles pressure on Osborne to change course

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Fri 25 Jan, AT 11:35

'Austerity isn't working': 0.3% contraction renews calls for U-turn as Britain faces triple-dip recession

Brightest and best leaving UK in 'talent drain', MP warns

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Wed 23 Jan, AT 12:20

Exodus of talented young graduates could cause serious economic damage, says senior Tory