Olympics 2012

Anti doping London 2012 Olympics drugs test
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08 Feb, 2012

Anti-doping body concerned about testing as it asks to see Lance Armstrong investigation

Beach volleyball
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25 Jan, 2012

Government has bought a lot more Olympic Games tickets for beach volleyball than athletics

The Olympic Park in Stratford, east London
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16 Jan, 2012

Public health officials warn that influx of foreign athletes and visitors could create a hotbed of disease

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16 Dec, 2011

Up to 13,500 military will guard London during Olympics as security budget spirals

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06 Dec, 2011

Fears that 2012 Games will exceed their budget as cost of security at venues almost doubles

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24 Nov, 2011

Pendleton 'terrified' by life after cycling but plans to team up with Paul Smith for post-Olympic career change

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27 Jul, 2011

British anti-doping body says athletes caught on recreational drugs should be treated leniently

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21 Jul, 2011

Business digest Fast food chain announces plans to open huge restaurant in Stratford for the Olympics