24 Jan, 2012

Boko Haram are now high on the watch list for both MI5 and MI6 in run-up to London Games

Olympic stadium
20 Jan, 2012

From transport meltdown to stampedes, what the nay-sayers claim we can look forward to this summer

Oscar Pistorius
07 Sep, 2011

Double-amputee athlete is angered by suggestion that he is an ‘inconvenient embarrassment’

27 Jul, 2011

British anti-doping body says athletes caught on recreational drugs should be treated leniently

London Olympics, one year to go
27 Jul, 2011

A year before the Olympic flame is lit in London preparations for the Games are on track

21 Jul, 2011

Business digest Fast food chain announces plans to open huge restaurant in Stratford for the Olympics

Wembley stadium
22 Jun, 2011

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland reject the idea of a united team in 2012 - just after it is announced

Seb Coe, Denise Lewis, London 2012 Olympic torch
09 Jun, 2011

After the ticketing fiasco comes the non-eco-friendly torch that looks like a cheesegrater