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Bradley Wiggins calls Lance Armstrong 'a lying bastard'

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Fri 25 Jan, AT 08:30

Wiggins recalls episode from 2009 Tour de France when Armstrong suddenly found new strength

'I'm sorry.' Cycling career was one big lie admits Armstrong

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Fri 18 Jan, AT 08:24

'If there's a truth and reconciliation commission, I'll be the first man in the door,' he tells Oprah

Armstrong 'confesses to doping but could take others down'

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Tue 15 Jan, AT 09:03

Leaked reports of Oprah interview say cyclist could give evidence against those who helped him

Oprah Winfrey

Is it over yet? Epic celeb love-in marks end of Oprah

Wed 18 May, AT 15:00

Tom Hanks, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder among a galaxy of stars at recording of (almost) final shows