Oprah Winfrey

14 May, 2012

Red top tales: BGT dog's 'secret gay lover', Gary Glitter's royalties, the Queen's underpants sale

29 Jan, 2012

It must be true - it's in the Sunday papers: from Pippa on the TV couch to the bra queen leaving Scotland

20 May, 2011

The CBS anchor signed off after five years and is set to join ABC as a talkshow host

Lady Gaga
19 May, 2011

Social networking has made singer this year’s most powerful celeb, says Forbes magazine

Oprah Winfrey
18 May, 2011

Tom Hanks, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder among a galaxy of stars at recording of (almost) final shows

Princess Beatrice hat in White House Situation Room
12 May, 2011

Comical fascinator from royal wedding to be auctioned on eBay in aid of charity

Glenn Beck
23 Mar, 2011

Fiery right-wing presenter could go it alone after Fox stall on extending contract

Oprah Winfrey
05 Jan, 2011

Critics admire ‘whiff of spirituality, huge dose of lifestyle fluff – and layer of substance’

Christopher Plummer, Julie Andrews, Von Trapp, Sound of Music
29 Oct, 2010

Actor called it The Sound of Mucus, he admits during reunion on Oprah