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Osama bin Laden

soldiers troops afghanistan moshtarak

Capture of Taliban chief a boost for Nato forces

Tue 16 Feb, AT 08:09

Military commander Mullah Baradar arrested in Karachi in joint US-Pakistani operation

Making fun of terrorism: best ammunition we have

Tue 26 Jan, AT 07:09

Chris Morris film Four Lions shows we need to laugh at the ineptitude of terrorists

Osama bin Laden

FBI issues new photos in hunt for Osama Bin Laden

Fri 15 Jan, AT 13:51

$25m reward for fugitive ‘with full beard, moustache and walks with cane’

Omar bin Laden and Jane Felix

Osama Bin Laden children ‘found’ living in Iran

Wed 23 Dec, AT 12:23

Tehran regime took al-Qaeda leader's family in at time of 9/11 ‘for their own safety’