Hillary Clinton allergic cough

Hillary Clinton explains photo: ‘It was my allergy’

Thu 5 May, AT 17:06 Andrea Vogt

In Rome, Clinton blames spring allergy for that hand-over-mouth moment

Barack Obama in the White House situation room

Obama on Bin Laden: a volcano of American lies

Thu 5 May, AT 14:06 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn on the WikiLeaks file that risked alerting Osama that the US knew of his hideout

Barack Obama

Obama comforted by huge boost in approval

Thu 5 May, AT 14:06 Venetia Rainey

Polls and pundits gave President Obama a big cheer before latest twists in the Abbottabad story

Osama Bin Laden

Pressure builds on Obama to release Bin Laden photo

News Thu 5 May, AT 14:04

Pictures of dead Bin Laden henchmen feed calls for photograph of al-Qaeda leader himself

Egyptians protest in Tahrir Square

Osama’s brand of Islamism was already history

Wed 4 May, AT 10:10 Richard Ehrman

Osama had no interest in democracy and the protesters in Cairo and Tunis had no interest in him