Osama bin Laden

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton watch Osama bin Laden's death

Obama watches by satellite feed as Bin Laden is shot

Tue 3 May, AT 08:54

White House releases details of moment of death and burial at sea - but still no photo to prove the killing

Osama’s death a triumph for the CIA and Obama

Mon 2 May, AT 14:42
Crispin Black

Crispin Black: Bin Laden was living in Pakistan’s Sandhurst, among retired army generals and spooks

‘Osama bin Laden dead’ photo deemed a fake

Mon 2 May, AT 13:31

Two big giveaways suggest a hoax as world awaits official proof of his death

Obama announces death of Osama Bin Laden

Mon 2 May, AT 11:39

Video: President makes late-night address after US finally gets its most wanted man

Osama bin Laden compound

Osama hideout was close by military academy

Mon 2 May, AT 11:08
Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Questions about Pakistani relations with al-Qaeda can no longer be dodged

Wall Street

Dollar jumps at news that Osama Bin Laden is dead

Mon 2 May, AT 10:56

Business digest: World markets react well - but expert warns ‘it doesn't change much’

Huge boost for Obama as Bin Laden is killed

Mon 2 May, AT 09:06

Crowds cheer outside White House as President Obama makes late-night address