Osama bin Laden

Julian Assange extradition
Osama bin Laden
18 Oct, 2010

Nato official claims al-Qaeda leader and deputy are being protected by Pakistani intelligence

Osama bin Laden
15 Jun, 2010

American tourist caught with sword and bible planned to decapitate Osama Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden
27 May, 2010

Radical Muslims are recording their own songs and posting them online

Osama bin Laden
16 Apr, 2010

Al-Qaeda leader’s bodyguard also met 9/11 pilot Mohammed Atta ‘playing PlayStation’

soldiers troops afghanistan moshtarak
16 Feb, 2010

Military commander Mullah Baradar arrested in Karachi in joint US-Pakistani operation

26 Jan, 2010

Chris Morris film Four Lions shows we need to laugh at the ineptitude of terrorists

Chemical Ali
Osama bin Laden
15 Jan, 2010

$25m reward for fugitive ‘with full beard, moustache and walks with cane’