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Osama bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden

Pressure builds on Obama to release Bin Laden photo

Thu 5 May, AT 14:04

Pictures of dead Bin Laden henchmen feed calls for photograph of al-Qaeda leader himself

Egyptians protest in Tahrir Square

Osama’s brand of Islamism was already history

Wed 4 May, AT 10:10
Richard Ehrman

Osama had no interest in democracy and the protesters in Cairo and Tunis had no interest in him

White House spokesman Jay Carney

Osama unarmed: White House changes its story

Wed 4 May, AT 09:03

Calls grow for photographic proof as Obama’s team admit first version of events was inaccurate

Ayman al-Zawahiri

Hunt is on for Zawahiri, ‘brains’ behind Bin Laden

Tue 3 May, AT 20:12
Venetia Rainey

Osama provided the cash, Zawahiri the smarts – and now he’s running al-Qaeda

Bin Laden death is papal miracle says Peru’s leader

Tue 3 May, AT 16:28

Alan Garcia says it was no coincidence that Osama was killed on day of Pope John Paul's beatification