Owen Paterson

Owen Paterson backs GM food, saying fears are 'humbug'

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Mon 10 Dec, AT 13:22

Environment Secretary's backing for GM food paves way for relaxed controls in Britain

ash tree

Ash dieback: government acts as disease found in 20 more sites

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Sun 28 Oct, AT 12:02

Cuts to Forestry Commission come back to haunt government as critics question speed of reaction to deadly tree disease


Badger cull postponed, government blames Olympics

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Tue 23 Oct, AT 13:00

Environment Secretary insists there has been no U-turn and says cull will go ahead next year


Rising cost of badger cull fuels rumours of another U-turn

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Fri 19 Oct, AT 09:40

Now it’s an 'omnivoreshambles’ as West Country farmers fight shy of higher-than-expected costs


Cameron under cosh as eight ministers 'ready to quit EU'

Mon 15 Oct, AT 10:55
The Mole

Scots deal ramps up the pressure for an in/out vote on EU – and further exposes rift between Tories and Lib Dems


Badger cull is 'costly' and 'mindless' say top scientists

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Sun 14 Oct, AT 08:09

The government's proposed cull to halt the spread of bovine TB provokes letter from 30 experts


Louise Mensch: Republicans have missed their chance to win

Opinion digest
Fri 7 Sep, AT 11:49

Opinion digest: The Republicans won't beat Obama, and shale gas - the green option for Britain


Tory swing to right: it's enough to make a Lib Dem have kittens

Wed 5 Sep, AT 11:51
The Mole

Heathrow unguarded, a climate change sceptic at Environment and a green belt sceptic at Planning