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Oxfam report another nail in the ‘trickle-down’ coffin

Mon 19 Jan, AT 11:16
The Mole

Even Barack Obama is calling for higher taxes on the wealthy: but what does his ‘bro’ Cameron have to say?

Richest 1% 'to own more than everyone else combined'

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Jan, AT 10:08

Oxfam warns that such 'staggering' global inequality will set the fight against poverty back decades

UK's five richest families 'worth more than poorest 20%'

First Reaction
Mon 17 Mar, AT 12:52

As inequality grows in the UK, Oxfam calls on George Osborne to mind the gap

Charity chiefs charged with getting fat-cat pay

Talking Point
Wed 7 Aug, AT 12:48

Top charity executives are accused of hypocrisy as their six-figure salaries are revealed


Charity of the week
Thu 17 Jan, AT 11:59

Helping fight poverty for 70 years

Poor to bear brunt of welfare cap passed in Commons vote

Talking Point
Wed 9 Jan, AT 09:41

David Miliband leads Labour's attack on 'rancid' bill capping benefits at 1% - but it passes by 56 votes

Fears for developing countries as food prices soar in July

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Fri 31 Aug, AT 10:11

World Bank calls for governments to act as droughts lead to spike in prices of corn, soybean and wheat

Famine and riot fears as extreme weather pushes up food prices

One-Minute Read
Thu 9 Aug, AT 15:23

US drought triggers huge hike in maize prices, while rain in Brazil causes sugar cane prices to leap

Big Brother Brian sues ITV2 for 'stealing' Towie idea

The Tabloids
Wed 28 Mar, AT 14:17

Red top tales: BB winner Belo says Essex show was his idea, 3D nude scene 'terrible' for Kate

East Africa famine

How Horn of Africa drought became a deadly famine

Wed 18 Jan, AT 15:23

Early warning systems were ignored because aid agencies and government were scared of being wrong