Boat Race 2014: a history of pain, mutiny and sinkings

Fri 4 Apr, AT 16:55

The colourful history of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, one of the world’s oldest sporting fixtures


Dream job? £122,300 a year to get Arab man into Oxford

One-Minute Read
Fri 8 Nov, AT 13:30

The big pay packet and nine weeks holiday are good, but tutor will be 'on call' from eight to eleven

Show of the year: Ashmolean's dazzling Master Drawings

Hot Ticket
Wed 29 May, AT 07:16

Oxford museum cherry-picks its renowned collection for the drawing exhibition of the year


Oxford has more ultra-rich graduates than Cambridge

One-Minute Read
Thu 25 Apr, AT 10:50

Report 'reflects the ability of such prestigious institutions to attract high calibre individuals'

Boat Race cox Oskar Zorrilla says sorry for 'bellowing f**k'

First Reaction
Tue 2 Apr, AT 13:37

Oxford man apologises for turning the air blue - but what did the BBC expect?

Trenton Oldfield, the protester who disrupted the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Police 'want to help me' says Boat Race protestor Oldfield

One-Minute Read
Wed 27 Mar, AT 15:16

Aussie stopped the 2012 Boat Race. Now, he says, the Met wants to help him protest at this weekend's race

George Galloway wins Bradford West

Galloway tells student 'I won't debate with Israelis' - video

Thu 21 Feb, AT 11:24

MP accused of 'racism' after storming out of Oxford debate; he says he is boycotting Israel

Is boat race protester Trenton Oldfield the 'British Pussy Riot'?

First Reaction
Fri 19 Oct, AT 15:16

Incredulity greets six-month jail sentence for man who disrupted the boat race


BMW boosts UK with £250m Mini plant investment

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Jul, AT 08:41

German carmaker will increase production at Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall plants

Afghan war sketch 1800s by the artist W LLoyd

What hasn't changed in UK since Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

Mon 4 Jun, AT 09:30

War in Afghanistan, an old Etonian in Downing Street and a bust economy... the last time Britain had a Diamond Jubilee