Nine-month-old, Mohammad Musa, has his fingerprints taken by a Pakistani lawyer

Pakistani baby 'in hiding' after attempted murder charge

One-Minute Read Wed 9 Apr, AT 10:57

Nine-month-old Musa Khan in a 'secret place' after being charged with trying to kill gas workers in a riot

Taliban threat to Afghan poll: was anything accomplished?

Mon 31 Mar, AT 12:17 Robert Fox

Three news books suggest Britain's adventure in Afghanistan was a horrible waste of lives and money

Pakistan peace talks with Taliban delayed amid doubt

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Feb, AT 11:00

Analysts sceptical that an agreement can be made following violence that has claimed 45,000 lives

British 'prophet' faces Pakistan death sentence for blasphemy

One-Minute Read Fri 24 Jan, AT 15:47

Mohammad Asghar, said to have history of mental illness, wrote letters claiming he is a prophet

Maulana Fazlullah: who is new Pakistan Taliban leader?

Profile Thu 7 Nov, AT 16:01

Hopes for peace talks dashed as ruthless Taliban commander who ordered Malala hit takes charge

Christian fury as bombs kill 80 worshippers in Pakistan

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Sep, AT 12:48

Attack comes as Pakistan government pursues talks with Taliban and releases their deputy leader

240 prisoners escape in Taliban midnight attack on Pakistan jail

One-Minute Read Tue 30 Jul, AT 08:24

Taliban militants free hundreds of their comrades after copycat assault on prison in Dera Ismail Khan

Crispin Black

Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif is right to oppose Obama's drones

Tue 14 May, AT 11:39 Crispin Black

A recent survey suggests that 75% of Pakistanis dislike the USA and it's mainly because of drones