Hafiz Mohammad Saeed
One-Minute Read
03 Apr, 2012

Founder of the militant group is wanted by US for alleged role in 2008 Mumbai attacks

Kevin Pietersen
Match Report
06 Feb, 2012

England bowled out yet again as Pakistan win third and final Test in Dubai

Crispin Black
03 Feb, 2012

The British Army's brave soldiers have failed in their only purpose - they don't win their wars

28 Nov, 2011

Many Pakistanis believe Beijing should be their future protector – opening the way to a clash with India

Taliban; Afghanistan
20 Jun, 2011

Pakistan’s involvement with the Taliban and al-Qaeda makes peace far more complicated

Pakistan soldiers
One-Minute Read
15 Jun, 2011

Despair in Washington at ‘disconnect’ between US and Pakistan over the fight to stamp out al-Qaeda

Pakistan extrajudicial killing
10 Jun, 2011

Graphic footage shows young man being shot in leg and left to bleed to death (video)