Refugees after floods in Pakistan
David Cameron
30 Jul, 2010

The Mole: Miliband and BBC line up to castigate Cameron - but there’s another side to this story

Pakistan plane crash Islamabad
28 Jul, 2010

All 152 passengers and crew dead after Airblue flight from Karachi comes down in Margalla Hills

Taliban; Afghanistan
27 Jul, 2010

Taliban commander welcomes leak because it ‘proves US brutality in Afghanistan’

Osama bin Laden
15 Jun, 2010

American tourist caught with sword and bible planned to decapitate Osama Bin Laden

Pakistan bans Facebook and YouTube
20 May, 2010

Both websites banned as thousands take part in online ‘draw Mohammed’ day

Akila Naqqash holds up a picture of her son Sahil Saeed
17 Mar, 2010

Two Pakistanis and Romanian arrested in Spain after receiving ransom money