07 Jan, 2014

The feat Sharon pulled off in the Yom Kippur War made him a heroic general and saviour of Israel

29 Jul, 2013

Nine of Netanyahu's cabinet voted against or abstained but Washington peace talks can at last restart

03 Dec, 2012

Paris and London are preparing to take 'real action' over Israel's plan to build in sensitive 'E1' area

29 Nov, 2012

Former PM Ehud Olmert and Haaretz come out in favour of UN 'non-member status' for Palestinians

Crispin Black
27 Nov, 2012

The theory that Mossad killed the late Palestinian leader is popular – but it doesn't make any sense

19 Nov, 2012

Air strike meant for leader of Hamas rocket teams kills nine members of the wrong family

16 Nov, 2012

Hisham Qandil calls on world to 'take responsibility' in stopping Israel's 'unacceptable aggression'