Palestine status: Israeli doves urge Netanyahu to back down

Talking Point Thu 29 Nov, AT 14:20

Former PM Ehud Olmert and Haaretz come out in favour of UN 'non-member status' for Palestinians

Egyptian PM slams Israel as commentators fear ground war

Talking Point Fri 16 Nov, AT 12:30

Hisham Qandil calls on world to 'take responsibility' in stopping Israel's 'unacceptable aggression'

Alice Walker

Color Purple author refuses to publish in 'apartheid' Israel

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Jun, AT 12:55

Alice Walker stirs controversy with letter of protest against Israel's 'persecution' of Palestinians

Israeli Shakespeare at the Globe

Palestinian activists protest at Israeli Shakespeare production

One-Minute Read Tue 29 May, AT 12:34

Israeli national theatre company was invited to London Globe as part of Shakespeare festival

Israel Defence Force in Gaza

Israeli government is pushed to treat settlers as terrorists

First Post Fri 16 Dec, AT 21:20

Wave of settler attacks brings warning that Israel is on the brink of civil war