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Israel Defence Force in Gaza

Israeli government is pushed to treat settlers as terrorists

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Fri 16 Dec, AT 21:20

Wave of settler attacks brings warning that Israel is on the brink of civil war

US and Israel 'punish' Palestine for Unesco membership

Wed 2 Nov, AT 14:47
Venetia Rainey

Fallout from historic vote will cost Palestinian Authority millions in lost funds

Gilad Shalit

‘Kidnapping the key’, say Palestinian fighters

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Wed 19 Oct, AT 18:56

Palestinian resistance factions believe the Shalit deal has shown the way forward

Barack Obama Benyamin Netanyahu

Obama cools on Palestine state in election run-up

Talking Point
Thu 22 Sep, AT 15:03

President’s speech left supporters of Palestinian statehood feeling betrayed

Mahmoud Abbas Barack Obama

US drags Palestinians back to the treadmill of doom

Thu 22 Sep, AT 09:50
Alexander Cockburn

Obama isn’t just lettingdown the Palestinians – he’s risking a serioussplit with Saudi Arabia