Gilad Shalit
19 Oct, 2011

Palestinian resistance factions believe the Shalit deal has shown the way forward

Barack Obama Benyamin Netanyahu
22 Sep, 2011

President’s speech left supporters of Palestinian statehood feeling betrayed

Mahmoud Abbas Barack Obama
22 Sep, 2011

Obama isn’t just lettingdown the Palestinians – he’s risking a serioussplit with Saudi Arabia

Palestine UN statehood bid
15 Sep, 2011

Talking point: Does anyone think full recognition by the UN would bring benefits to Palestinians?

Fatah Hamas unity deal
28 Apr, 2011

Briefing: The rival Palestinian parties have surprised observers by striking a unity deal

Vittorio Arrigoni murdered Gaza
15 Apr, 2011

Venetia Rainey reports on the brutal killing by Gaza extremists of a genuine friend of Palestinians

Juliano Mer-Khamis
04 Apr, 2011

‘He had his arms wide open to his enemies’ says actress who worked with him at Jenin’s Freedom Theatre

Ian McEwan author
21 Feb, 2011

Novelist's speech at Jerusalem book fair is met with 'polite but tense silence'