Palme d'Or

16 Nov, 2012

Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva star in Haneke's movie masterpiece on love and death

Ken Loach at Cannes
23 May, 2012

Director whose film The Angels' Share is showing at Cannes slams BBFC's attitude to expletive used by Chaucer and Glaswegians

Virginie Despentes
15 May, 2012

Women directors complain that French film fest loves women, but 'only for their cleavages'

18 Nov, 2010

Film of the Week: The star may have returned to work in the fields, but the film is unforgettable

Michael Haneke with his wife Suzy, and German actress Leonie Benesch
22 May, 2009

Austrian Michael Haneke and Frenchman Jacques Audiard look like the best bets for the Palme d'Or at Cannes

Katie Jarvis Fish Tank
15 May, 2009

The 17-year-old star of Fish Tank was spotted rowing with her boyfriend - but she isn’t at the festival and it’s not certain she will act again