Palme d'Or

16 Nov, 2012

Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva star in Haneke's movie masterpiece on love and death

Ken Loach at Cannes
One-Minute Read
23 May, 2012

Director whose film The Angels' Share is showing at Cannes slams BBFC's attitude to expletive used by Chaucer and Glaswegians

Virginie Despentes
One-Minute Read
15 May, 2012

Women directors complain that French film fest loves women, but 'only for their cleavages'

One-Minute Read
18 Nov, 2010

Film of the Week: The star may have returned to work in the fields, but the film is unforgettable

Michael Haneke with his wife Suzy, and German actress Leonie Benesch
One-Minute Read
22 May, 2009

Austrian Michael Haneke and Frenchman Jacques Audiard look like the best bets for the Palme d'Or at Cannes

Katie Jarvis Fish Tank
One-Minute Read
15 May, 2009

The 17-year-old star of Fish Tank was spotted rowing with her boyfriend - but she isn’t at the festival and it’s not certain she will act again