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Photographer killed snapping Justin Bieber's car was 'stalker'

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Thu 3 Jan, AT 13:23

There are claims Chris Guerra had 'harrassed' pop star before he was knocked down and killed

Paparazzo dies taking shots of Justin Bieber's Ferrari

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Wed 2 Jan, AT 11:46

Pop star not in car when photographer, trying to snap white Ferrari, is hit by passing vehicle

Jude Law and Sienna Miller

Nude Sienna Miller painting sparks Twitter privacy row

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Thu 8 Nov, AT 14:23

Comic Dara O'Briain takes on Fleet Street Fox in spat over Sienna Miller's private life

Ronaldo in shades

Ronaldo lashes out at teenage girl

Thu 2 Jul, AT 14:49

Real Madrid footballer smashes car window protecting his mother from media ‘harassment’