Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Nine women who might benefit from Hollande's Cabinet promise

Summary Tue 15 May, AT 11:50

Can the new French President really assemble a Cabinet that is 50 per cent female?

Alexander Cockburn

Farewell gastro-porn: is the foodie frenzy finally fizzling out?

Thu 12 Apr, AT 09:42 Alexander Cockburn

As two high-profile US restaurants close and food critics take a step back, is this the end an era?

Richard Descoings with Nicolas Sarkozy

Another French scandal in NYC? Scholar found dead

One-Minute Read Wed 4 Apr, AT 12:56

Foul play not ruled out by NYPD after naked body of Richard Descoings discovered

Necker Hospital

French toddlers taken into care with 'chronic' cocaine habit

First Post Mon 5 Mar, AT 15:07

How did a respectable Parisian couple's two young children come to test positive for cocaine?

west end shopping

London is officially the world’s shopping capital

News Wed 23 Feb, AT 12:41

Business digest: Tourism helps London beat off Tokyo, Paris and New York with £64.2bn of sales