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Richard Descoings with Nicolas Sarkozy

Another French scandal in NYC? Scholar found dead

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Wed 4 Apr, AT 12:56

Foul play not ruled out by NYPD after naked body of Richard Descoings discovered

Necker Hospital

French toddlers taken into care with 'chronic' cocaine habit

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Mon 5 Mar, AT 15:07

How did a respectable Parisian couple's two young children come to test positive for cocaine?

west end shopping

London is officially the world’s shopping capital

Wed 23 Feb, AT 12:41

Business digest: Tourism helps London beat off Tokyo, Paris and New York with £64.2bn of sales

frank gehry louis vuitton centre

Parisians say Frank Gehry ‘Cloud’ must be scrapped

Mon 7 Feb, AT 11:02

Architect stunned by request to scrap cultural foundation now being built in the Bois de Boulogne

Lady Gaga Monster's Ball

Lady Gaga beats snow and groper to win over Paris

Tue 21 Dec, AT 15:07

French go nuts for La Gaga: she can sing and dance - and she's not pretending!