Paul Dacre


Why weren't we invited? Papers furious at Royal Charter deal

Tue 19 Mar, AT 12:01
The Mole

Hacked Off group were in on late-night talks - but the papers weren't. Now they're threatening a boycott

Daily Mail’s Leveson expose: 'call the men in white coats'

First Reaction
Fri 16 Nov, AT 14:37

Mail’s broadside stuns liberal commentators, but does it raise valid questions about free press?

Mail declares war on Leveson and warns of left-wing 'coup'

Media Watch
Fri 16 Nov, AT 09:38

Paper accuses 'liberal Establishment' of putting freedom of speech under threat

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband's bank crusade courts Daily Mail's approval

Media Watch
Tue 10 Jul, AT 11:56

Editor Paul Dacre falls for another Labour leader – but how long will it last this time?

Tony Blair at Leveson Inquiry

Blair tells of Daily Mail's 'huge and sustained' attack on him

Media Watch
Mon 28 May, AT 16:25

Former PM says once Paul Dacre's paper is against you it is a 'lifetime commitment'


Rupert Murdoch admits cover-up but blames his employees for it

Thu 26 Apr, AT 13:53
The Mole

'I was the victim - it's cost me hundreds of millions of pounds,' a vicious Murdoch tells Leveson

Mail editor Dacre recalled by Leveson after Hugh Grant spat

First Post
Tue 7 Feb, AT 13:43

Row over actor's allegations against the Mail on Sunday makes Leveson 'extremely unhappy'

What stops Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail being friends

Mon 7 Nov, AT 07:43
The Mole

Editor Paul Dacre's feelings about spin doctor prevent two-pronged attack on 'traitor' Cameron

Dacre, Brown and his ‘tin ear’ for Middle England

Fri 16 Jul, AT 14:03
The Mole

The Mole: Will Cameron see eye to eye with the Mail editor on the dreadful concerns of his readers?