Paul Krugman

Charles Laurence
17 Sep, 2014

Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan is latest to warn Scots: Bank of England will never bail you out

George Bush; Tony Blair
19 Mar, 2013

How did we fall for it? Why were the sceptics ignored? And is it about to happen all over again in Syria?

08 Jan, 2013

Republicans loathe Hagel, Democrats distrust Brennan, liberals loves Prof Krugman. But he's not interested

02 Jan, 2013

The White House wants credit for the deal, but Obama and the US aren't out of the woods

22 Aug, 2012

Does historian have the moral authority to continue at Harvard, asks one economics professor

15 May, 2012

With new elections looming, here's what the experts predict if Greece exits the eurozone

Paul Krugman
14 Sep, 2011

Critics continue to attack author and New York Times days after explosive piece first appeared

13 Oct, 2009

World central banks used to just talk about diversification – now they’re actually doing it

Paul Krugman; Gordon Brown
15 Jun, 2009

The Nobel Prize-winning economist says PM’s ‘intelligent’ policies could get Britain out of the worldwide recession early

04 Jun, 2009

Leading City figures warn that the economic slowdown is a long way from being over - and the effects could last a decade