Paul Ryan

Thom Yorke says he'll sue PM if he uses Radiohead's music

Thu 17 Jan, AT 15:09

Yorke isn't the first musician to square up to a politician over a tune - here's five more spats


If Mitt Romney wins, it's time to head to Canada – or is it?

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From Joe Biden's incessant laughter to political 'malarkey', the VP debate in video clips

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Has Paul Ryan been calling Mitt Romney 'The Stench'?

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Rumour spreads that Ryan has 'gone rogue' after conservatives urge Romney to 'Let Ryan be Ryan'

Clint Eastwood steals Romney show with interrogation of chair

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Surprise guest goes wildly off-message at Republican convention before Mitt Romney's big moment

Paul Ryan speech wins plaudits - but was it 'misleading'?

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Vice-presidential candidate accused of delivering 'misleading indictment of Obama', but GOP loves it


Don't be PC about Paralympic athletes, this is real sport

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Opinion digest: the Paralympics, Lib Dem's wealth tax, and the US elections