An elderly person holds cash
29 Jul, 2015

More people are accessing their pension fund, but how can you protect against fraud?

28 Jul, 2015

Money is being used to top up pension income, clear mortgage debt and fund lifestyle

30 Jun, 2015

Rules governing the state pension are about to change dramatically and many pensioners have been left in the dark

24 Apr, 2015

Con artists are lining up to take advantage of the new pension rules. Here's how to avoid the scams

17 Apr, 2015

Liberal Democrats want to enshrine triple lock in law, while Greens want a new Citizen's Pension

Piggy bank pensions
02 Apr, 2015

Pensions minister suggests savers could benefit from a 'decade of innovation' if they take their time

02 Jul, 2015

Tax watchdog has removed more than 3,000 funds from the list of registered schemes

15 Dec, 2014

It’s now easier to control your pension pot, but should you buy an annuity or go a more flexible alternative?

Piggy bank pensions
01 Oct, 2014

George Osborne makes death a little cheaper by dropping an unpopular pension 'death tax'

A social worker and an elderly person
04 Sep, 2014

Commission proposes rise in National Insurance to fund social care for people with 'critical' needs