Peter Bradshaw

Ryan Gosling's violent film gets Cannes festival-goers booing

First Reaction
Thu 23 May, AT 14:10

From the wonderful folks who gave you 'Drive' comes 'a sickening pornography of violence'

Whoo-hoo! Robert Downey Jr back in smart, fun Iron Man 3

Hot Ticket
Fri 26 Apr, AT 07:40

Superhero sequel melds action, comedy and drama in the best Iron Man movie yet

Cagoule-clad killers stick knife into caravan holidays

Talking Point
Fri 30 Nov, AT 14:24

Ramblers go on a rampage in Sightseers, a film confirming the macabre talent of Ben Wheatley

UK critics pile on plaudits for 'Scientology film' The Master

Hot Ticket
Fri 2 Nov, AT 07:20

Terrific central performances, dreamy visuals and a great score make this 'a landmark movie'

Beasts of the Southern Wild - a stunning, magical film debut

Hot Ticket
Fri 19 Oct, AT 10:11

Eco-fantasy film inspired by the Katrina disaster and made with non-professional actors wows critics

Brad Pitt shines in recession crime caper Killing Them Softly

Hot Ticket
Fri 21 Sep, AT 08:37

This post-financial crisis crime film is smart and nasty, with a political edge

Thinking person's action hero Renner takes on Bourne Legacy

Hot Ticket
Mon 13 Aug, AT 08:21

It might be time to end the Bourne movie franchise, but it goes out with a bang not a whimper

Amazing Spider-Man reboot adds rom-com to comic caper

Hot Ticket
Fri 6 Jul, AT 08:26

Andrew Garfield makes an appealing Spider-Man, but was it too soon for another remake?