Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The five least 'user-friendly' Doctors

Transfer Talk
Fri 8 Aug, AT 12:07

Peter Capaldi says his Doctor will be 'less user-friendly' than his predecessors – but will he be darker than this lot?

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Doctor Who series 8 scripts leak: to read or not to read?

One-Minute Read
Tue 8 Jul, AT 11:22

BBC issues plea to keep spoilers secret after five scripts, including Deep Breath, find their way online

Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who: first look at Peter Capaldi's '100% rebel' costume

First Reaction
Tue 28 Jan, AT 11:03

Time Lord's new look compared to that of third Doctor Jon Pertwee... and John Travolta in Grease

Google 2013 rankings: Paul Walker dominates UK searches

One-Minute Read
Tue 17 Dec, AT 15:58

Deaths of Walker and fellow actor Cory Monteith push names to top of search engine's Zeitgeist report

Peter Capaldi: Is he the 'perfect' Doctor Who?

First Reaction
Mon 5 Aug, AT 10:58

The Thick of It star is the oldest actor to pilot the Tardis for decades - a 'canny choice' from the BBC

Doctor Who: will Malcolm Tucker take over the Tardis?

Talking Point
Fri 2 Aug, AT 15:29

As Sunday announcement approaches, Thick Of It actor Peter Capaldi is favourite to take over from Matt Smith

Assange: WikiLeaks biopic is ‘anti-Iranian propaganda’

One-Minute Read
Thu 24 Jan, AT 14:42

Julian Assange appears at Oxford Union (via video link) brandishing script of ‘The Fifth Estate’

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Julian Assange: first picture

First Reaction
Wed 23 Jan, AT 13:29

Hair is the right colour, but British actor looks more 'drag queen' than WikiLeaks founder

'Omni-shambles' – give credit to the great Armando Iannucci

Media Watch
Thu 19 Apr, AT 11:47

It's the word of the moment, but both Miliband and Naughtie need to credit their source

US bleeps Iannucci's Thick of It, but HBO lets him rip in Veep

One-Minute Read
Thu 3 May, AT 12:38

US viewers upset by BBC America's decision to censor The Thick of It can turn to HBO