Peter Oborne

Telegraph hits back at Peter Oborne’s ‘astonishing’ attack

First Reaction
Wed 18 Feb, AT 10:29

But political commentator’s decision to quit over ‘lack’ of HSBC coverage is praised by other journalists

Margaret Thatcher funeral cost

Thatcher's funeral: a fitting send-off for the Iron Lady?

Thu 18 Apr, AT 12:36

St Paul's ceremony undisturbed by protesters - we Brits don't go in for 'shrieking at coffins'


We're all Thatcherites now, says PM, as Labour slumps in poll

Wed 17 Apr, AT 10:34
The Mole

Cameron risks propaganda charge – but there seems little doubt ten days of memories have helped Tories

Who started Adam Afriyie story? Surely not the Cameron camp?

Mon 28 Jan, AT 08:53
The Mole

As four polls cut Labour's lead over Tories to under ten points, the last thing Tories need is a new leader

What is the Daily Telegraph doing promoting Gulbuddin Hekmatyar?

Wed 2 Jan, AT 15:06
Robert Fox

He says he supports girls' education – yet he had acid thrown at female students who dressed immodestly


Tories split over whether to hire Lynton Crosby to run election

Tue 30 Oct, AT 10:10
The Mole

Editor and proprietor of ConservativeHome at odds over the contentious Aussie spin doctor


Main Line fiasco: it's time to call civil servants to account

Opinion digest
Thu 4 Oct, AT 12:08

Opinion digest: the West Coast Main Line shambles, plus finding a way forward for the PM


Chancellor George Osborne is not up the job – let him go

Opinion digest
Thu 23 Aug, AT 10:22

Opinion Digest: the Chancellor's weakness, the Nicklinson case and Harry's big error in Vegas


Fifty Shades' dirty secret isn't sex: women just want a break

Opinion digest
Thu 19 Jul, AT 11:05

Opinion digest: the appeal of Fifty Shades to women, rethinking outsourcing, and ending Zimbabwe sanctions


BBC's new chief is a clone of its last out-of-touch leader

Opinion digest
Thu 5 Jul, AT 11:36

Opinion digest: BBC's new director-general, Osborne's Libor inquiry, and a defence of Scientology