Philip Hammond

Obama and Merkel
09 Jun, 2015

US president and German Chancellor threaten Russia with more sanctions over Ukraine

27 May, 2015

Prime Minister's one nation pledge 'could look like the bleakest of ironies' by the end of the parliament

Men watching smoke after an air strike in Kobane
09 Oct, 2014

Kobane experiences most intense street battles so far, but US says its job is not to save Syrian towns

The Mole
15 Sep, 2014

As ‘Devo max’ offer opens a can of worms, Tory MPs could hit Cameron with ‘no confidence’ vote

Robert Fox
28 Aug, 2014

Can 'coalition of the willing' come together to deal with Islamic State? Not if Cameron can help it

The Mole
20 Aug, 2014

Cameron appears to agree with John Humphrys that his holiday was 'unseemly' after beheading

The Mole
13 Aug, 2014

David Cameron is not keeping up with public opinion on need to help beleaguered Kurds and Yazidis

The Mole
12 Aug, 2014

Get a grip, Dave - this is not what Churchill meant when he said 'We shall fight them on the beaches'

The Mole
22 Jul, 2014

Until now, government didn't want to risk Russian relations: after MH17, we're happy to upset Putin

Michael Gove leaves Downing St after losing job as Eductation Secretary
15 Jul, 2014

Cull of 'pale, male and stale' Tories makes room for women in largest reshuffle to date