Fight of the Century: who is Manny Pacquiao?

Fri 1 May, AT 09:31

The humble Filipino boxer is the only man to have held titles in eight weight divisions

Philippine live-streaming child abuse ring exposed by police

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Thu 16 Jan, AT 09:55

Children offered up for abuse by their own relatives as British paedophiles pay to watch over the web

Typhoon Haiyan: China under fire for 'measly' $1.6m aid

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Fri 15 Nov, AT 11:34

Chinese leaders 'missed opportunity' to generate goodwill and show country as a responsible power

Typhoon Haiyan: how long will Philippines take to recover?

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US Navy ships en route as Philippines government comes under pressure to speed up aid for survivors

Philippines political storm: where did all the money go?

Tue 12 Nov, AT 08:38
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Two government funds designed to boost spending on infrastructure and poverty reduction were ransacked, says Adele Webb

Typhoon Haiyan: 10,000 dead in scenes of 'utter devastation'

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Mon 11 Nov, AT 08:42

Corpses hanging from trees as survivors walk 'like zombies' through the streets with very little food

Super Typhoon Haiyan Q&A: how hard will the Philippines be hit?

Fri 8 Nov, AT 09:56

At least four people already dead as winds of up to 235mph trigger massive waves and tear buildings apart