Phillip Schofield

Who is Natalie Holt, the woman who 'egged' BGT's Simon Cowell?

Mon 10 Jun, AT 10:01

Viola player who stole spotlight with volley of five eggs is branded a 'nutter', but is she?

Jeremy Paxman

Paxman denies he is quitting Newsnight over abuse fiasco

Mon 19 Nov, AT 13:34

Presenter will return to crisis-hit show this week; Lord McAlpine’s lawyers set to hit ITV hard

April Jones

April Jones: search for girl, 5, hits Twitter and Facebook

One-Minute Read
Tue 2 Oct, AT 10:49

Thousands join Facebook page to help find missing girl, while celebrities spread the word on Twitter

Prince Harry's 'naked Vegas party pal' arrested for fraud

The Tabloids
Fri 7 Sep, AT 11:42

Tabloid tales: ‘Kiss and tell’ woman arrested, 50 Shades of music and the world's longest penis