Phone hacking

28 Oct, 2013

MPs warned not to commit contempt of court by debating the Old Bailey criminal trial

10 Jul, 2013

He was so contrite when he appeared before them in 2011 - so what was that punchy encounter with Sun staff all about?

23 Apr, 2013

$139m settlement also relates to questions over the purchase of the UK TV production firm

19 Mar, 2013

Hacked Off group were in on late-night talks - but the papers weren't. Now they're threatening a boycott

15 Mar, 2013

Labour and the Lib Dems form 'unholy alliance' as PM goes it alone and puts royal charter plan to vote

The Sun - Page Three
11 Feb, 2013

After generations of women have argued fruitlessly for its removal, media mogul hints at change of heart

Rebekah Brooks
13 Dec, 2012

Accounts reveal payoff to former chief executive of News International

30 Nov, 2012

Ex-editor denounces misguided missile, while one investigative reporter says there's nothing to fear

30 Nov, 2012

Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and Gerry McCann on the attack over crucial need for statutory underpinning