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Phone hacking

Culture committee 'split' on censuring James Murdoch

Mon 14 Nov, AT 09:05
The Mole

Tom Watson will try to stop whitewash but Crone and Myler look like being the fallguys

Second Murdoch grilling fails to serve up meaty answers

Talking Point
Fri 11 Nov, AT 12:57

We may not know the truth about Murdoch but MPs mislead the public all the time

Is Louise Mensch MP guilty of 'display parenting'?

Media Watch
Fri 11 Nov, AT 09:05

Why did the nation need to know about the Tory MP's school pick-up arrangements?

Stonewall Murdoch: can he remain BSkyB chairman?

Thu 10 Nov, AT 16:53
The Mole

James Murdoch gets through another grilling in Parliament - but his competence is in question

Tom Watson accuses James Murdoch of Mafia activities

Thu 10 Nov, AT 12:12
The Mole

'You must be the first Mafia boss in history who didn't know he was running a criminal enterprise'

Burning questions James Murdoch must now answer

First Post
Thu 10 Nov, AT 09:40

A welter of evidence has emerged since Murdoch Jnr last tried to persuade MPs of his integrity

As MPs await James Murdoch, pressure builds in New York

Thu 10 Nov, AT 07:12
Charles Laurence

Call for his removal from Sotheby's board on eve of second grilling by Commons culture committee

'Like the Stasi', Tom Watson says of NotW surveillance

First Post
Wed 9 Nov, AT 08:08

'I can only assume they were trying to dig up dirt – which has profound questions for our democracy'

Mensch admits she likes to 'dress up' for her husband

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Nov, AT 16:29

Tory MP admits taking Class A drugs and hints at facelift before Murdoch appearance

Why were Murdochs so generous to Rebekah Brooks?

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Nov, AT 08:39

£1.7m in cash and the use of an office and limo. Did she really leave News International at all?