Investing in art: do the New York sales prove anything?

Personal Finance
Fri 17 May, AT 16:17

Prices have hit the stratosphere again. But is fine art really a viable investment class?

Courtauld show reveals young Picasso's emerging genius

Hot Ticket
Mon 18 Feb, AT 07:38

With many paintings on extremely rare loan, this is an exhibition not to be missed, say the critics

Vlad the Scrawler claims he's increased Rothko's value

First Reaction
Mon 8 Oct, AT 10:36

Man who defaced Rothko is former art student and co-founder of obscure ‘yellowism' movement

Zidane's infamous headbutt appears in bronze at Pompidou

First Post
Thu 27 Sep, AT 11:11

Parisians enjoy bronze sculpture depicting Zidane's moment of madness in 2006 World Cup final

Culture minister bans export of Picasso's Child With A Dove

One-Minute Read
Fri 17 Aug, AT 12:24

Culture minister gives UK a chance to raise £50m to buy the painting before it disappears abroad

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin reveals new serenity at Turner Contemporary, Margate

Hot Ticket
Tue 29 May, AT 08:45

She Lay Down Deep Beneath The Sea continues Emin's transformation from bad girl to grande dame of art

Picasso - The Vollard Suite

Picasso's sexy, violent, Vollard Suite is the art event of the year

Hot Ticket
Wed 9 May, AT 07:26

British Museum's new collection of Picasso prints is worth getting excited about

The Scream

Munch's The Scream set to join world's priciest paintings

One-Minute Read
Wed 2 May, AT 13:29

One of the world's best known paintings is expected to fetch $80 million at auction today


Art sales up at Christie’s despite recession

Fri 28 Jan, AT 15:11

Business Digest: Picasso record-breaker helps auction house achieve a great year