Joey Barton of Queens Park Rangers

Joey Barton's best and worst tweets

Briefing Fri 30 May, AT 13:16

QPR footballer Joey Barton apologises on Twitter for describing Ukip as the best of 'four really ugly girls'

Why has Piers Morgan's CNN talk show been cancelled?

First Reaction Mon 24 Feb, AT 12:23

As ratings for prime-time show plummet, critics question if Morgan is just too British for the US

Arsenal hero Aaron Ramsey: where did it all go right?

Talking Point Thu 7 Nov, AT 13:08

The Welsh midfielder has critics eating humble pie as amazing season continues

Andrew Neil calls shock jock Alex Jones an 'idiot' - video

Video Mon 10 Jun, AT 11:26

Ranting US conspiracy theorist branded 'worst ever guest' by host of BBC's Sunday Politics programme

Piers Morgan fires a Browning M2 machine gun - video

Video Wed 6 Feb, AT 14:17

Morgan, a vocal advocate of stricter US gun laws, asks 'Why would any civilian need one of these?'

Pro-gun shock jock drowns out Piers Morgan on CNN - video

One-Minute Read Tue 8 Jan, AT 15:04

Morgan is challenged to boxing match by ranting pro-gun advocate Alex Jones

One Direction and Piers Morgan in Twitter row over Beckham

The Tabloids Wed 21 Nov, AT 12:41

Tabloid tales: Piers feels heat from 1D fans, DiCaprio and Joanna Lumley lock lips, Lohan's frock fail

Romney aide gaffe: Colin Powell backing Obama because of race

Talking Point Fri 26 Oct, AT 15:00

Romney campaign not helped by Sununu alleging Powell endorsed Obama because they’re both black

Piers Morgan

Mirror phone hacking claims put Piers Morgan in spotlight

First Reaction Tue 23 Oct, AT 15:25

American media ask questions of CNN's British host - a former editor who has always denied hacking

Pietersen 'biggest loser' says Vaughan, as Piers Morgan rants

First Post Tue 14 Aug, AT 12:16

Batsman 'must apologise' to England by the weekend to save international career