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Charles Laurence

Morning Glory rescue: US Navy Seals were due some better PR

Tue 18 Mar, AT 09:45
Charles Laurence

Will the Seals' Mediterranean adventure help restore their 'super-hero' reputation after Osama revelation?

Can Pirate Pay put an end to illegal internet downloads?

Tue 15 May, AT 16:25

Russian company has won the backing of Microsoft as it develops anti-piracy technology

Somalian pirate

Government 'approves ransoms to Somali pirates'

One-Minute Read
Mon 16 Jan, AT 09:36

William Hague's claims that the coalition doesn't facilitate payments called into question

Writer sitting at laptop

‘Threat to WikiLeaks’ as MPs pass online piracy Bill

Thu 8 Apr, AT 13:05

A Bill aimed at ending online piracy was passed last night, but it’s so bad it will be reviewed after the election

Somali pirate

Killing of Somali pirate will only make matters worse

Wed 24 Mar, AT 12:13

The lethal defence of a cargo ship off Somalia will push the pirates to worse acts of violence