24 May, 2013

Report finds internet pornography is distorting young people's attitudes towards relationships and encouraging harmful behaviour

02 Jan, 2013

Octogenarian magazine founder ties knot with Crystal Harris, who left him at the altar in 2011

Hugh Hefner; Playboy
12 Dec, 2012

Hugh Hefner's son-in-law forced to pay huge fine to US regulators

14 Aug, 2012

Tabloid tales: Royal connection earns burlesque dancer a buck; Fifty Shades underwear deal signed

18 Jun, 2012

Red top tales: Justin Bieber mania goes viral, Lindsay Lohan uneasy about graphic sex scenes

08 May, 2012

Red top tales: Mexico in storm over Julia Orayen's neckline, Dustin Hoffman saves heart attack victim

03 Apr, 2012

Red top tales: George weds again, two days after Bradford win; American Idol finalists go to porn den

13 Dec, 2011

Showbiz reports – and 50 Cent – give Monroe shoot thumbs down and ask: is it Hefner’s last gasp?

08 Dec, 2011

Nigella Lawson poses as ‘a human toffee apple’ while Lohan strips off - all in the best possible taste

Daisy Lowe Playboy
09 Aug, 2011

British model discusses her ‘rock-and-roll heritage’ and goes skinny-dipping at Playboy mansion