Online porn pushes children into risky sex

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Fri 24 May, AT 09:46

Report finds internet pornography is distorting young people's attitudes towards relationships and encouraging harmful behaviour

Playboy's Hugh Hefner finally marries his 'runaway bride'

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Wed 2 Jan, AT 10:00

Octogenarian magazine founder ties knot with Crystal Harris, who left him at the altar in 2011

Hugh Hefner; Playboy

Insider trading at Playboy

Wed 12 Dec, AT 08:24

Hugh Hefner's son-in-law forced to pay huge fine to US regulators

Kate Middleton's cousin strips in Playboy for six-figure sum

The Tabloids
Tue 14 Aug, AT 11:56

Tabloid tales: Royal connection earns burlesque dancer a buck; Fifty Shades underwear deal signed

Bieber fever more contagious than measles, claim scientists

The Tabloids
Mon 18 Jun, AT 12:35

Red top tales: Justin Bieber mania goes viral, Lindsay Lohan uneasy about graphic sex scenes

Playboy model's low-cut dress steals show at presidential debate

The Tabloids
Tue 8 May, AT 14:25

Red top tales: Mexico in storm over Julia Orayen's neckline, Dustin Hoffman saves heart attack victim

Galloway goes to Amsterdam and returns with wife No 4

The Tabloids
Tue 3 Apr, AT 11:49

Red top tales: George weds again, two days after Bradford win; American Idol finalists go to porn den

Lindsay Lohan’s nude Playboy shoot misjudged, say critics

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Tue 13 Dec, AT 16:54

Showbiz reports – and 50 Cent – give Monroe shoot thumbs down and ask: is it Hefner’s last gasp?

Lindsay nude or Nigella coated in caramel – take your pick

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Thu 8 Dec, AT 14:52

Nigella Lawson poses as ‘a human toffee apple’ while Lohan strips off - all in the best possible taste

Daisy Lowe Playboy

Daisy Lowe poses nude for Playboy

Tue 9 Aug, AT 12:30

British model discusses her ‘rock-and-roll heritage’ and goes skinny-dipping at Playboy mansion