Childbirth in the UK

The 29 countries where giving birth is safer than in the UK

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Tue 5 May, AT 15:46

British mothers six times as likely to die in childbirth or pregnancy as women in Belarus, says charity

Crispin Black

Why are Polish men in London getting military call-up papers?

Mon 24 Mar, AT 11:21
Crispin Black

Poland feels vulnerable to Putin’s aggression: and let’s not forget, we’d be bound to help - as we did in 1939

Andros Townsend England

New model England have a shot in the World Cup lottery

Talking Point
Wed 16 Oct, AT 11:56

Hodgson's swashbuckling tactics should not come as a surprise, but what next for England?

Hodgson banishes ghosts of 73 as England face Poland test

Tue 15 Oct, AT 09:08

England manager says his players have nothing to fear from history ahead of Wembley clash

20,000 Polish fans at Wembley for World Cup showdown

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Mon 14 Oct, AT 10:53

FA forced to increase away allocation in order to maintain segregation of fans

England warning: Poland plan 'a little fun' at Wembley

Mon 14 Oct, AT 08:26

England need a win on Tuesday night, but well-supported visitors have other ideas

Sign of the times? Polish is England's second language

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Thu 31 Jan, AT 11:26

Brilliant? Or does the census show 'the truth' about Labour's lax immigration policies?


UK to tell Romania: stay away - there are no jobs and it rains

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Mon 28 Jan, AT 09:39

Negative ad campaign considered as one option to reduce immigration from Romania and Bulgaria

2011 Census reveals big rise in foreign-born residents

Tue 11 Dec, AT 16:33

Welcome to the UK: more diverse, less religious and unaffordable to home buyers

ash tree

Ash dieback: the end of British woodlands as we know them?

Thu 25 Oct, AT 16:09

Deadly fungus that killed 90 per cent of ash trees in Denmark is being dubbed the new Dutch elm disease