The coffin of Polish president Lech Kaczynski

Polish air tragedy helps ‘bury’ awkward Tory report

Mon 12 Apr, AT 07:39

Cameron was told not to ally Tories with Lech Kaczynski’s ultra-nationalist party

Gas pipes in Ukraine

Poland gas find threatens Russia’s hold over EU

Wed 7 Apr, AT 08:25

Europe’s dependence onRussian gas could be over -but at what cost to theenvironment?

Stephen Fry attacks Tories over Kaminski

Wed 7 Oct, AT 11:11

Backlash at Cameron’s backing for ‘homophobic’ Polish nationalist

David Cameron and Michal Kaminski

David Cameron's damaging association with a Polish extremist

Wed 5 Aug, AT 18:51

Michal Kaminski, the Polish leader of the Conservatives' European Parliament bloc, has some embarrassing views on Jews and gays

Sopot Poland

Sopot: a Baltic Biarritz

Wed 1 Jul, AT 14:41

This popular and quirky destination offers city-on-a-beach glamour at low cost

Gordon and Sarah Brown at Auschwitz

Sarah Brown sheds a tear for victims of Auschwitz

Wed 29 Apr, AT 08:40

On his visit to Poland, Gordon Brown gets a lesson in history - and another in economics