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Lech Kaczynski coffin poland

‘VIP passenger syndrome’ to blame for Polish tragedy

Tue 13 Apr, AT 10:19

Polish president did not want to miss Katyn memorial. But did Russians collude to prevent him attending?

The coffin of Polish president Lech Kaczynski

Polish air tragedy helps ‘bury’ awkward Tory report

Mon 12 Apr, AT 07:39

Cameron was told not to ally Tories with Lech Kaczynski’s ultra-nationalist party

Gas pipes in Ukraine

Poland gas find threatens Russia’s hold over EU

Wed 7 Apr, AT 08:25

Europe’s dependence onRussian gas could be over -but at what cost to theenvironment?

Stephen Fry attacks Tories over Kaminski

Wed 7 Oct, AT 11:11

Backlash at Cameron’s backing for ‘homophobic’ Polish nationalist

David Cameron and Michal Kaminski

David Cameron's damaging association with a Polish extremist

Wed 5 Aug, AT 18:51

Michal Kaminski, the Polish leader of the Conservatives' European Parliament bloc, has some embarrassing views on Jews and gays