Policy Exchange

Is Lloyds Banking Group sell-off months away?

One-Minute Read
Mon 10 Jun, AT 12:40

George Osborne is expected to signal desire to begin reprivatisation of Lloyds and RBS by next general election

Police commissioners: why should we bother to vote?

Wed 14 Nov, AT 15:17

Tomorrow's poll will finally make police accountable to the public, but apathy is widespread

Planning minister Nick Boles: scourge of Luddites and Boris

Wed 5 Sep, AT 15:25

New Cabinet arrival sent Mafia-style threat to London mayor and called National Trust 'latter-day Luddites'

Tax avoiders could be named and shamed under new rules

First Reaction
Mon 23 Jul, AT 09:21

Government to crack down on tax avoidance schemes like the one used by Jimmy Carr