Dawkins fry disco

Public figures hit out at Pope's state visit

News Wed 15 Sep, AT 14:23

Fry, Dawkins and Pullman among more than 50 people to oppose visit in letter to Guardian

Pope Benedict in Malta

Anger, apathy, ridicule: here comes the Pope

News Mon 13 Sep, AT 08:37

Benedict asks for prayers on the eve of his British visit - not a bad idea, the way things are looking

Pope Benedict in Malta

Priests’ girlfriends call on Pope to end celibacy law

News Fri 28 May, AT 14:08

Forty women who have had affairs with priests ask Pope Benedict to lift sex ban on the clergy

Pope Benedict in Malta

Vatican accepts apology over ‘Benedict’ condoms

News Mon 26 Apr, AT 08:14

He could open an abortion clinic or bless a gay marriage said the Foreign Office’s ‘brainstorm’ memo