Pope Benedict

13 Feb, 2013

He's the bookies' favourite to replace Pope Benedict but his conservative views won't please the Left

12 Feb, 2013

Pope Benedict says he won't interfere in the choice of his successor after announcing he is to step down

Pope Benedict XVI
11 Feb, 2013

The man dubbed 'God’s Rottweiler' bows out at 85, sending shock waves through the Catholic faith

03 Dec, 2012

Catholic Church leader has opened a Twitter account, but he won't be firing off messages from his Blackberry

Crispin Black
22 Nov, 2012

Not everyone is crying about the Synod's No vote on women bishops. Crispin Black, for one

25 Sep, 2012

Tabloid tales: Rihanna tells Brown 'I'm praying for you', Gaga slams Pope, Victoria's Secret's racist underwear

25 Jul, 2012

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia's comments about the late David Cairns have 'added to family grief'