Pope Benedict

10 Feb, 2012

Predictions of Benedict's death lead to delivery of secret letter to Vatican, written in German

17 Nov, 2011

Vatican is outraged by latest ad campaign for controversial Italian fashion brand

20 Oct, 2011

Catholics and Jews unite against actress for ‘hateful’ remark about Benedict

Troy Davis
21 Sep, 2011

Calls from the Pope, Jimmy Carter and many others fail, despite witnesses recanting their original testimony

Pope Benedict XVI and Carla Bruni
15 Oct, 2010

French media claim the president’s wife is ‘not welcome’ at the Vatican

vatican, rome
22 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Inquiry launched after two suspicious transactions were reported

Boris Johnson and the Pope
20 Sep, 2010

And should he have spoken to Benedict in Latin? Boris Johnson relives the weighty issues of the papal visit

Dawkins fry disco
15 Sep, 2010

Fry, Dawkins and Pullman among more than 50 people to oppose visit in letter to Guardian