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Watching pornography online 'can cause memory loss'

One-Minute Read
Mon 17 Dec, AT 14:40

New study concludes sexual arousal interferes with short-term memory in heterosexual males


Schoolboy who 'copied internet porn' spared prison in rape case

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Fri 1 Jun, AT 08:48

Calls for 'opt-in' control on web pornography as court hears 12-year-old had 'unfettered access' to explicit sites

Alain de Botton

Internet porn for all the family: Alain de Botton's latest ambition

First Post
Wed 23 May, AT 13:36

Philosopher's 'Better Porn' website aims to make explicit content parents would let their children watch

David Cameron

Cameron’s ‘porn filter’ rejected by providers

Mon 17 Oct, AT 15:18

Campaigners for tough controls dealt a blow as service providers stand firm

Pornographic film being shot by Steve Hirsch's Vivid production company

First porn website with .xxx suffix goes live

Thu 4 Aug, AT 14:35, which is definitely not safe for work, ushers in a new era for the internet


Anti-porn plan threatens sites like WikiLeaks

Mon 20 Dec, AT 12:47

Free speech campaigners fear Ed Vaizey’s plan to block porn will lead to online censorship

Computer hacker

ACS: Law faces lawsuit after ‘porn pirates’ leak

Tue 28 Sep, AT 16:14

List of named individuals suspected of infringing copyright published online