06 Nov, 2013

1,800 jobs are to go as BAE ends shipbuilding in Portsmouth and cuts Glasgow operations

04 Jan, 2013

Protest 'has done more to tackle racism in one day than Uefa has managed in decades'

Harry Redknapp
26 Nov, 2012

New manager doesn't mince words: but can he really bring another relegation-zone patient back to life?

22 Jun, 2012

Red Top tales: Ruud Gullit 'spied on wife' and Justin Bieber 'grabbed' by Letterman

Richard Ehrman
01 May, 2012

Conservatives will be watching the rise of UKIP, while Labour pray for a miracle in London

Andrei Arshavin Gareth Bale, Arsenal, Spurs
13 Apr, 2012

As Spurs face losing their star player, Sol tells Arsenal Van Persie will quit without new signings

Harry Redknapp
24 Jan, 2012

Football manager accused of hiding 'bungs' in overseas account when at Portsmouth

Avram Grant
21 May, 2010

Fan letters ‘brought tears to me eyes’ says Grant as he resigns from Portsmouth

Guus Hiddink; Chelsea
14 May, 2010

Portsmouth players forego bonuses to take on their manager’s old club

Portsmouth fans
22 Apr, 2010

The club owes a total of £122m, including £4m to local businesses and £10m to agents and scouts