Nicklas Bendtner fined over Paddy Power pants
One-Minute Read
19 Jun, 2012

Lineker and Ferdinand ask why a fine relating to corporate branding is more severe than penalties for racism

10 Jun, 2012

The renegotiation can-of-worms has been opened as Ireland demands same pain-free bailout terms as Spain

Denmark's Daniel Agger and Holland's Robin Van Persie
Match Report
10 Jun, 2012

After defeat against Denmark, Holland believe they need to beat arch-rivals Germany to progress in Euro 2012

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy
One-Minute Read
08 Jun, 2012

Madrid is expected to ask EU for money to help its banks - but it will not be a full state bailout

Bebe Manchester United
One-Minute Read
24 May, 2012

Portuguese striker returns to Old Trafford, but is surplus to requirements after Besiktas loan

In Depth
15 May, 2012

With new elections looming, here's what the experts predict if Greece exits the eurozone

Kate and Gerry McCann with photofit of Madeleine
News Hub
08 May, 2012

Police search for German couple after witness says she saw Madeleine on Spain's Costa Del Sol

20 Mar, 2012

A man acquitted of attempting to murder a tourist 17 years ago faces a retrial

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18 Dec, 2011

The Foreign Office says it will bring stranded ex-pats home using ships, planes and coaches

Portugal Jose Socrates
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04 May, 2011

Business digest: Targets less strict than anticipated, Socrates calls loan a ‘good agreement’