Poundland, UK
06 Feb, 2015

Poundland hopes to acquire 251 shops, expanding its dominance of the single-priced retail market

30 Oct, 2013

Both government and Cait Reilly claim victory after Supreme Court deems scheme 'legally flawed'

15 May, 2013

Discount business launches penny price battle to send message that 'we're not a soft touch'

19 Feb, 2013

Council and residents angry that street artist's gift is up for sale on US auction site

13 Feb, 2013

Anti-workfare campaigners claim victory but Iain Duncan Smith is as bullish as ever

12 Feb, 2013

Graduate Cait Reilly wins claim that government acted unlawfully over unpaid work in bargain shop

03 Jul, 2012

£1-an-item chain plans to open hundreds more stores as recession brings in middle-class customers

Banksy graffiti at Poundland
17 May, 2012

Expert insists stencil of sweatshop worker with Jubilee bunting is a genuine Banksy

13 Jan, 2012

Should she have been forced to give up voluntary museum role to stack shelves at Poundland?