Poundland, UK

Poundland agrees to buy 99p Stores for 5,500,000,000p

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Fri 6 Feb, AT 11:43

Poundland hopes to acquire 251 shops, expanding its dominance of the single-priced retail market

Workfare ruling: who won the 'Poundshop slavery' case?

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Wed 30 Oct, AT 13:32

Both government and Cait Reilly claim victory after Supreme Court deems scheme 'legally flawed'


Cheap shot? Poundland cuts prices in 99p stores war

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Wed 15 May, AT 15:06

Discount business launches penny price battle to send message that 'we're not a soft touch'

Banksy mural torn from London wall 'must be sent home'

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Tue 19 Feb, AT 09:42

Council and residents angry that street artist's gift is up for sale on US auction site

Is govt's work-for-your-dole programme in crisis or not?

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Wed 13 Feb, AT 15:03

Anti-workfare campaigners claim victory but Iain Duncan Smith is as bullish as ever

Workfare scheme setback as Poundland 'slave' wins appeal

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Tue 12 Feb, AT 12:47

Graduate Cait Reilly wins claim that government acted unlawfully over unpaid work in bargain shop


Poundland profits jump 27% as ABs go budget shopping

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Tue 3 Jul, AT 10:24

£1-an-item chain plans to open hundreds more stores as recession brings in middle-class customers

Banksy graffiti at Poundland

Child labour image on wall of Poundland fuels Banksy hype

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Thu 17 May, AT 13:20

Expert insists stencil of sweatshop worker with Jubilee bunting is a genuine Banksy

Graduate suing over 'forced labour' needs a reality check

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Fri 13 Jan, AT 12:27

Should she have been forced to give up voluntary museum role to stack shelves at Poundland?