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First mother charged under drug 'assault' law

First Reaction
Tue 15 Jul, AT 15:09

New law criminalising drug use during pregnancy is 'well-intentioned' but dangerous, say doctors

Kate Middleton royal baby boy

Kate’s morning sickness: how serious and does it mean twins?

Tue 4 Dec, AT 08:51

Hyperemesis gravidarum was once a killer but today it can be treated with fluids and medication

Sienna Miller’s nude pregnant portrait: is anyone offended?

First Reaction
Wed 7 Nov, AT 13:42

Jonathan Yeo’s portrait has failed to provoke the public shock he was preparing himself for

Lily Allen Big Chill

Photographers banned as Lily Allen chills

Mon 9 Aug, AT 08:50

Pregnant singer Lily Allen issues ‘no snaps’ rule at Big Chill festival - but she’s photographed anyway

Hilary Mantel; Booker Prize

Teen pregnancy perfectly natural, says Hilary Mantel

Mon 1 Mar, AT 07:10

The Wolf Hall author has attacked the political consensus that teenage pregnancy is a bad thing

Beccah Beushausen

Christian blogger’s pregnancy exposed as hoax

Wed 17 Jun, AT 16:29

The Chicago woman who became a poster-girl for anti-abortion activists says sorry after leading on her fans