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President Assad

Maher al-Assad

Maher al-Assad: who is the Syrian regime's 'butcher'?

Tue 3 Sep, AT 15:22

Reviled as a sadist, President Assad's younger brother is thought to be behind the gas attack

Deadly sarin gas used in Syria - six key questions

Wed 5 Jun, AT 12:19

France says blood and urine tests confirm sarin has been used 'multiple times' in bloody civil war

Crispin Black

Crazy to arm Syrian rebels: we should try to influence Assad

Tue 28 May, AT 12:05
Crispin Black

Better still, Cameron and Hague should stay out of it all together – it's none of Britain's business and we can't afford it

Robert Fox

Don't cheer too soon for Russian-US 'deal' over Syria

Thu 9 May, AT 07:50
Robert Fox

Assad's forces remain the most effective military formations in Syria and that's not about to change

US says Syrian regime has used chemical weapons twice

First Reaction
Fri 26 Apr, AT 09:46

Assad crosses Obama's 'red line' by using sarin gas, but president moving 'cautiously' to intervene

AP Twitter hack by Syrian group causes £90bn US market slump

First Reaction
Wed 24 Apr, AT 11:38

'Flash crash' caused by report that Obama injured in White House explosion

Assad 'may have used gas' against Syrian rebels

Talking Point
Thu 17 Jan, AT 10:29

Was poisonous gas Agent 15 used on rebels to test America's chemical weapons ultimatum?

Syrian tailor: How I survived Assad regime firing squad

One-Minute Read
Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:58

As shooting started, Mohammed Ali fainted. He awoke to find himself surrounded by dead bodies